Tuesday, 06 June 2023
Cultural Activities
AACA hosted Iftar Dinner in Houston Turquoise Center
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AACA_Iftar3Azerbaijani American Cultural Alliance(AACA), member   organization of TCAE, brought together the Azeri-American community in Houston for dinner at the Turquoise Center Houston!
Ismayil Ahmadov, President of AACA welcomed all and expressed  how significant their regularly coming together in their culture and tradition is.

 Mr. Richard S. Powers – SAC of FBI Houston Filed Office was the honorary guest of the night. Mr. Powers indicated that how pleased he felt by meeting the leaders of the Azeri-American Community in Houston. He emphasized the importance of the collaboration and community service as well as living together.  

Mr. Ahmadov presented a small gift to Mr. Powers for the sake of the night and dinner.


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